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2024 Jacksonville AR Market Participation

  1. 2024 Jacksonville AR Market Vendor Participation

    SATURDAY'S 2 PM - 5 PM | MAY 6 - AUGUST 24, 2024

  2. This participation form provides the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department with information regarding participants, products, and attendance for the Jacksonville AR Market.  This form will be kept on file for reference.  Please complete and submit via online prior to setting up and attending the Market. Admittance to the Jacksonville AR Market is pending the approval of your participation form by the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department- including renewals.  

  3. Arts & Crafts - NOTE:

    All Crafts will be juried and selected based on their fit with the Jacksonville AR Market.  Produce and Prepared Food Products will comprise the majority of products sold at the Market.  In keeping with the food-oriented mission of the Market, Crafts will hold a smaller place in the Market.  

  4. *List other products, if needed, on a separate sheet.

  5. If you don't have Arts & Crafts, put 'NA'.

  6. Publicity Questionnaire
  7. If you don't have a website, put 'NA'.

  8. If you don't have a facebook page, put 'NA'.

  9. If you don't have an Instagram page, put 'NA'.

  10. Agreement & Photo/Video Release:

    I am acknowledging that I have completely filled out the above form and that I have read and will abide by the Jacksonville AR Market Rules & Regulations.

    I hereby consent to the use, reproduction, editing and/or broadcast by the City of Jacksonville, Arkansas of any and all photographs, video recordings and audio recordings of me and/or my family, taken by or on behalf of the Jacksonville Parks & Recreation department, without any compensation to me. All negatives and positives prints video-recorded images and audio recordings shall constitute the property of the City of Jacksonville solely & completely. Do we have permission to use your information and/or pictures on any print or web media distributed for advertising purposes to the public?  

  11. If you have any questions contact the Event / Marketing Coordinator, Brylee @ 501-251-4369 or

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