Calls for Service

The Calls for Service and Events portion of our website is designed to keep the citizens of Jacksonville informed of the incidents that are happening in our City. The Calls for Service and Events report is a list of the calls and self-initiated incidents the Jacksonville Police Department entered into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system during the 24hour period specified (from midnight to midnight) that is available for public release. Some events may have been removed to not hinder crime suppression efforts. The Calls for Service and Events is a PDF report list (in order from left to right) the CFS# (Calls for Service computerized number), date and time each call was received or self-initiated and created in the system, location block of the incident, incident type and incident disposition. Due to space limitations the reports will only be available for a 30 day period (3/1/2019 report listed on 3/2/2019 will be removed on 4/2/2019).

Calls for Service is under construction until the new website goes live, we are hoping to be live by March 1, 2019.