1. Please walk while in pool area. The deck can be very slippery. We do not want anyone hurt.
  2. Health Department requires swimsuits. (Male suits must have liners, no underwear.)
  3. Long hair must be tied in a ponytail.
  4. Showers are required before entering the pool.
  5. Coastguard approved life jackets only (no floaties or rings).
  6. No diving in water under 5 feet deep.
  7. Food and drinks are allowed on the deck during pool parties only.
  8. Please dispose of chewing gum in the proper receptacle before entering the pool.
  9. No glass containers at any time.
  10. Rough horseplay is not allowed at any time.
  11. Children under 6 must have a parent accompany them in water. Children ages 6 -12 must have a parent in the pool or on the pool deck. Children ages 13 - 15 must be signed in at the front desk by a parent.
  12. Parent or guardian must accompany their immediate child(ren) in the pool area during family swim.

Please note: All schedules are tentative and subject to change according to need, availability of instructors, enrollment levels and other factors. Watch for daily updates. As with any exercise program, we encourage you to check with your physician before embarking on any fitness regimen.