Fire Suppression / Emergency Management

Jacksonville Fire Department Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services Division is commanded by three Battalion Chiefs, each Chief is in charge of one of the three fire suppression shifts. Each shift consists of five fire companies and three ALS ambulance units.

Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Shifts carry out numerous activities and functions including fire suppression, rescue, EMS, public assistance, training, pre-fire planning, fire prevention, public education, hydrant maintenance, and apparatus, equipment, and facilities maintenance.

Fire Suppression Personnel

Battalion Chief Office: 501-985-1252

Fireman at work

Black Shift

  • Chief Bob Thornton
  • Captain Randall Heffner
  • Captain Allen Marshal
  • Captain Jeff Singleton
  • Captain Mike Whalen
  • Lieutenant Kelli Bratton
  • Lieutenant Steve Davidson
  • Lieutenant Tyler Johnson
  • Lieutenant Justin Martin
  • Lieutenant Jeremy Moody

Red Shift

  • Chief Dewan Laws
  • Captain Danny Akines
  • Captain Drew Cargile
  • Captain Calun Fulton
  • Captain Jeremy Moseley
  • Lieutenant Andrew Boyd
  • Lieutenant Robert Hazeslip
  • Lieutenant Adam Jones
  • Lieutenant Kyle Meyers
  • Lieutenant Allen Wells
  • Lieutenant Nathan Willett

Green Shift

  • Chief Adam Teague
  • Captain Clark Coleman
  • Captain Leo Foster
  • Captain Joseph Potts
  • Captain Robert Walls
  • Lieutenant Cody Henley
  • Lieutenant Zachary McCrotty
  • Lieutenant Kris Roachell
  • Lieutenant Josh Selby
  • Lieutenant Jonathan Thompson
  • FF/Paramedic Colter Antonsen
  • FF/Paramedic Alex Halle
  • FF/Paramedic Parish Reynolds
  • FF/Paramedic Brian Massie
  • FF/EMT Richard Henderson
  • FF/EMT Justin Poole
  • FF/EMT Mark Reese
  • FF/EMT Hayden Ritchey
  • FF/EMT Tyler Young

  • FF/Paramedic Anthony Amplo
  • FF/Paramedic Ryan Kalousek
  • FF/Paramedic Bobby Tarno
  • FF/Paramedic Frankie Vanderhoof
  • FF/EMT Leighton Coy
  • FF/EMT Logan McGhee
  • FF/EMT Will Shepherd
  • FF/EMT William Walker
  • Probationary Firefighter Parker Thompson
  • FF/Paramedic Ray Brazzel
  • FF/Paramedic Andres Galvan
  • FF/Paramedic Stephanie Heatwole
  • FF/Paramedic Payton Sullivan
  • FF/Paramedic Nicholas Sutton
  • FF/EMT Nathan Duncan
  • FF/EMT Dylan Golden
  • FF/EMT David Milner
  • FF/EMT Kevin Pintner
  • FF/EMT Joshua Shepard
  • FF/ EMT Nicholas Sutton