The following services are provided by the Street Department.
  • Signs and signals
  • Preventative Maintenance of all city streets
  • Base and sub-base repair
  • Crack and joint sealing for asphalt and concrete streets
  • Milling of streets for overlay
  • Street overlay for asphalt streets
  • Shoulder maintenance
  • Pothole patching
  • Curbs, sidewalks, and gutters repair and replacement
  • Storm basin repair or replacement
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Storm and drainage ditch maintenance
  • Cleaning of drainage ditches
  • Cleaning of rights of way
  • Brush control of rights of way
  • Mowing of the city rights of way and city property
  • Sever weather response
  • High water barricading
  • Fallen trees removal from streets and rights of way
  • Ice and snow removal
  • Sweeper service
  • Mosquito spraying 
  • Holiday lighting

Delivering to the City

The City of Jacksonville covers an area of 26.76 square miles. Within those borders are 117.89 miles of local paved permanent roads and streets and 43 miles of federal and state roads and highways. Along with streets and roads, there are 46.32 miles of sidewalks to maintain or replace.

Installing crosswalk at James St. and T.P. White, regulating the flow of traffic, is the job of the signs and signals crew they maintain 23 traffic lights and some 1,600 metal signs. Plus all lane stripping and crosswalks is another duty of the signs and signals crew.


The street dept. spends roughly a quarter of a million dollars a year to resurface streets using some 430 tons of asphalt. Our city is committed to recycling so we reuse all of the old asphalt that is ground off the streets for sub base or road shoulder fill, reducing the amount of gravel we have to purchase.

Cleaning Streets

Keeping the streets clean is a full time job for the city Sweeper. It runs five days a week all year and on average picks up about 1,248 cubic yards of dirt and debris a year.


Each year, May through December we hire three seasonal employees to help side mower and it's buddies mow right of ways. It takes 4 mowers 6 days to mow them all.

Ditch Maintenance

Much time and manpower goes into maintaining and repairing the 279 miles of ditches within the city boundaries. On days when there are heavy rains most of our man power is used to remove obstructions from ditches and drains, To keep the water moving reducing the chance of flooding.

Mosquito Control

The street department is in charge of mosquito control for the citizens of spray rigs. The city has two units that spray the city once a week. On average, these units will run 360 hours, driving 4,132 miles, dispense 885 gallons of insecticide during a mosquito season.

Department Staff

The Street Department is under the supervision of “Hal Toney,” who has over 25 years of service with the city. He has a staff of thirteen full time and three seasonal employees. All full time employees are subject to recall at any time after scheduled work hours in case of an emergency or severe weather.