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Public Works

  1. Additional Garbage Receptacle Request

    This form is to request an additional garbage receptacle. There will be an additional charge of $8 per month, and you will be required... More…

  2. Litter Control Request
  3. Residential Recycling Survey

    Survey for the residents of Jacksonville requesting feedback on the City's recycling program.

  4. Sidewalk Installation Request
  5. Street Repair Request
  6. Trash or Recycling Complaint Form

    This form is to submit problems you may have with your trash service.

  1. Landfill Request

    This form is to request bulky item(s) pick up. Piles 2 cubic yards and smaller will be picked up automatically on regular trash day. ... More…

  2. Public Works Issue / Concern
  3. Sidewalk Damage
  4. Street Light Outage / Damage
  5. Traffic Signal Outage / Problem