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JPD Chief's Advisory Committee


  2. The Jacksonville Police Department Chief's Advisory Committee is being created to review and advise on public safety practices.  The committee will consist of 13 members, each of which will serve a 12-month term.  The group does not have any decision making authority, but will meet quarterly to achieve the following goals:

    • Maintain a consistent partnership between the community and law enforcement;
    • Serve to help reduce crime and enhance the quality of life for all citizens;
    • Establish goals that can be accomplished through positive and open communication;
    • Assist law enforcement in helping maintain police standards for accountability;
    • Create processes to help address issues of biased based policing;
    • Improve interaction between police and citizens through education and training; and
    • Strengthen and ensure the application of equal protection under the law for all citizens.

    The Committee will select specific police practices and public safety topics to focus on during its 12-month tenure based on topics from City Council, community members, and fellow Committee Members. Topics will be organized into themed units to give Committee members the opportunity to learn and discuss specific subject matter in depth and provide the city with their insights and recommendations based on their lived experience.


    The Committee will consist of 13 members, made up of the following:

    • Police Chief
    • FOP Rep
    • High School Student Rep
    • NAACP Rep
    • Church Rep
    • Boys and Girls Club Rep
    • (6) Jacksonville Community Reps
    • Chamber of Commerce Rep

    **Application Deadline is August 31st, 2023**

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