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  1. Classroom
  2. Lake
  3. Lit Fields
  4. Pavilion
  5. Skeet Overlays
  6. Trap Fields
The Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation and the City of Jacksonville were partners on construction of the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation Shooting Sports Complex. A state-of-the-art public shooting range facility at the intersection of Loop Road and Graham Road in Jacksonville. This multi-use complex is the largest of its kind in the state. It includes a 14 trap fields, three skeet overlays, three lit fields, two pavilions, a lake, and a 5,100 square foot Witt Stephens, Jr. Clubhouse that includes the First Security Learning Center.

Hours of Operation
  • The Range is open to the public 10am - 7pm (Fall/Winter 9a-5p) Wednesday through Sunday.
    • Exceptions: League Night shoots or during Tournaments
  • The Range is closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays and all official state holidays.
  • The Range may be closed without prior notice due to inclement weather or scheduled events.
For Holiday hours go to: Know-Before-You-Go

Contact the Manager with any questions.

Fees for shooting including clay targets:
  • $6 per person per round for skeet or trap (25 shot round).
  • $5 per person per round for Jacksonville residents (proof of residence required at sign in).
  • $3 per person per round for all AYSSP students and coaches who hold a certified AYSSP Practice. AYSSP Coaches must provide AYSSP Coach Certificate Card. Payments must be made by coach only.
  • $80 20-Punch Pass available
Ammunition Cost
$8 - $12 per box

Pro Shop
The pro shop offers ammunition, ear and eye protection, shirts, hats, and much more for sale.

RV space rental:
$20 per night - 40 spots with water & electricity available.

For more info click here.
3/5/16 Parks AIM Shoot
3/12/16 AR Game & Fish Foundation Shoot
3/13/16 Doyle Gaskin Trap 101 Shooting Class
3/19/16 Mack's Prairie Wings Shoot
3/26/16 Parks ATA Shoot
4/2/16 Duck's Unlimited Shoot
4/9/16 Parks AIM Shoot
4/16/16 Chamber of Commerce Shoot
4/23/16 Parks ATA Shoot
4/2916-4/30/16 AYSSP Tournament (East Region)
5/6/16-5/7/16 AYSSP Tournament (North Region)
5/13/16-5/14/16 AYSSP Tournament (West Region)
5/20/16-5/21/16 AYSSP Tournament (South Region)
6/3/16-6/4/16 AYSSP Tournament (State)
6/11/16 Arkansas Spinal Cord Foundation Shoot
6/18/16 3rd Annual Home Builders Association Shoot
6/21/16-6/26/16 AR State Trap Federation Shoot (ASTF)
7/15/16-7/16/16 Southwestern Zone Shoot
7/23/16 Handicap Marathon Shoot
8/20/16 Jacksonville Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Shoot - Click HERE for more info
8/27/16 First Baptist Church Shoot - Click HERE for more info
9/10/16 Relay for Life Shoot - Click HERE for more info
9/16/16 Baptist Benefit Shoot - Click HERE for more info
9/17/16 AYSSP Coaching Clinic
9/24/16 Project Graduation 2017 - Beebe High School - Click HERE for more info
9/25/16 Young Life Shoot
9/30/16 Associated Builders Shoot
10/14/16 NLR Chamber/First Security Shoot

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  1. First Arkansas Bank & Trust Pavilion (East)

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  2. First Security Learning Center

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  3. Pavilion #1 (West)

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  4. Pavilion #2 (Meeting Room)

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  5. Pavilion #3 (Fireplace)

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