Meeting Room Rates

Features Meeting Room "A"  Meeting Room "B"
Meeting Room "A/B"  Banquet Hall "C"  Banquet Hall "D" Banquet Hall "C/D"  Entire Area "ABCD"
Description Snack Counter only Includes Kitchen Includes Kitchen Without the Stage Includes Stage Includes Stage Includes Kitchen and Stage
Rental Rate $90 $100 $175 $350 $400 $700 $850
Chairs Only (Capacity) 60 60 130 26 180 500 Depends on usage needs
Classroom Style (Capacity) 36 36 60 120 100 260  
Banquet Style (Capacity) 48 48 96 144 120 360  
Room Dimensions Width 33' Length 21' Total 693' Width 33' Length 21' Total 693' Width 33' Length 43' Total 1,419' Width 58' Length 38' Total 2,204' Width 58' Length 28' Total 1,624' Width 58' Length 76' Total 4,408'  

Note: $50 payment within 10 days from when the reservation is made secures the date

Sunday Events

Deduct $15 (A/B) or $25 (C/D) as room set-up is not available.

Kitchen Access

Events in "C" or "D" that desire use of the kitchen will pay rental fee for the extra area when it prevents that area ("A", "B", or "A/B") from being rented.

Rental Equipment

All rental equipment and decorations must be removed after event. They cannot be left from a Saturday event for Monday pickup.

Youth Events

Events that will be primarily attended by youth between the ages of 13-21 are required to have paid uniformed security present (Minimum 3 hours at $50 per hour, = $150). Security set up through the Parks Department personnel. Security provided by Jacksonville Police Department.

Security / Damage Deposit

Refundable when areas are left clean (including restrooms); User Guidelines (PDF) are followed; fire alarms are not set off or other out-of-the-ordinary incidents occur.

Visitor's Guide

For a visitor's guide to hotels, restaurants, and attractions in Jacksonville visit the Advertising and Promotion Commission website.