Block Grants

This Program is designed to help with immediate needs for your housing repairs or replacement.  If you have a need that requires to be repaired or replaced and have lived in your home for at least one year (1), you may benefit from one of the following programs.

Handicap Accessibility

This grant is to help assist in making the home more accessible. The grant amount is for $5,000. It includes wheelchair ramps, grab bars, bathroom conversions, or other needed corrections.

Wheelchair Ramp

This Program is designed to assist those in need of a wheelchair ramp at no charge to the homeowner.

Rehab Program

This forgivable loan is to help make limited needed repairs to your home up to $7,500.  These repairs is limited to only these items:  Leaky roofs, HVAC, and waterlines.

Self Help

Provides needed materials for the homeowner to paint the exterior of their home or care for their lawn.  Also provides materials for small interior repairs done by the homeowner.

Sewer Program

This forgivable loan is for up to $3,000 for sewer line replacement and sometimes a street cut when needed.