1. 911 Center

    The 911 center has a number of individuals on their team and provides helpful links for the community.

  2. Administration

    Find a list of department directors and their contact information.

  3. City Clerk / Treasurer

    The city clerk serves as the secretary to the City Council and all subcommittees.

  4. Community Development Block Grant

    The Community Development Block Grant is here to help foster the economic and community growth through job creation, business development, and neighborhood revitalization.

  5. District Court

    District Court home page

  6. Engineering & Planning

    Fill out a permit application or browse through maps, sidewalk plans, and stormwater information.

  7. Finance

    Contact the Finance Department staff and the services they provide.

  8. Fire

    The Fire Department is dedicated to the consistent delivery of high-quality emergency medical care, rescue, and fire protection to the citizens of Jacksonville.

  9. Human Resources

    Find AFLAC forms, accident report form, tuition reimbursement form, policy manuals, and more.

  10. Parks & Recreation

    Find events, recreational programs, activities, special events, facilities, and services that foster learning, wellness, and fun going on in the community.

  11. Police

    Contact local code enforcement, criminal investigations, and patrol services.

  12. Public Works

    Access beautification, garbage, street maintenance, and water services.